Sarah’s essay “Avoiding Failure” won the Winter 2022 Non-Fiction Award from Causeway Lit, the online journal of the MFA graduate program at Fairfield University (Connecticut). Read it here:

Books by Sarah Blanchard on horse training, available through Amazon in softcover, hardcover and Kindle ebooks:

The Power of Positive Horse Training: Saying Yes to Your Horse

“This book is a welcome addition to the literature in the field of horse training and should be in the library of any serious, caring horseperson.”
—Gincy Self Bucklin

Jump with Joy: Positive Coaching for Horse and Rider

“It is great to have an equestrian book written with training information that is very readable, clearly presented and correct! Should be in every owner/trainer’s library!”
— CK Bellone, Newberry Farm

Carriage Driving: A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training (Heike Bean and Sarah Blanchard)

“A book that will take the most novice beginner and permit him or her to progress to any level of driving with a clear understanding of how and why things are done.”
–William E. Miller, M.D., President, American Driving Society

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