Lizzy Baby (novella). Sensitive and quiet, the product of a conventional rural family that values faith and unquestioning obedience, nine-year-old Liz Walters longs for a clear path to adulthood.
She wishes for everything her best friend Stefanie has: confidence; knowledge about the mysteries of life; and warm, supportive parents.
When Liz’s own parents decide that she is ready for a “facts of life” lesson, she watches her heifer being bred—an experience that teaches her plenty about the harsher realities of farm life, but very little about human sexuality.
After a family member assaults her, Liz must make a terrible choice: Must she remain silent, or can she find a voice? Who will believe her and whom can she trust?

A controlled, haunting tale of abuse and betrayal. —Kirkus Reviews

Her insurrection is both believable and triumphant. —a reader

A somber coming-of-age novella…a gripping story that made my blood run cold. I truly wanted to reach inside the book and bring her to a safer place. —Trix Lee, Readers’ Favorites

Available for $5.49 at your favorite independent bookstore: (including Malaprop’s in Asheville NC).

Short Stories
“Playing Chess with Bulls” was selected as a semi-finalist in Button Eye Review‘s 2021 summer fiction contest.

“Reading the Cards” has been accepted by Limit Experience Journal for late-2021 publication.

“Fathering,” winner, 2020 fiction contest, Two Sisters Writing and Publishing. The story appears on the website and will be included in their 2021 print anthology.

“Revival,” semi-finalist, 2020 Doris Betts Fiction Award. “Revival” also placed second in the 2019 Writers’ Workshop of Asheville literary fiction contest.

“A Good Voice for Horses,” published in The Plaid Horse (December 2020/January 2021). Winner, 2019 short fiction, The Plaid Horse.

“Two Out of Three” was voted into seventh place in Sixfold’s Winter 2019 issue.

“Fishing,” published in Dreamers Magazine, November 2019. Winner, 2019 Dreamers fiction award and finalist in the 2020 Ageless Authors fiction competition.

“The Bus Driver” earned fifth place in Sixfold (Winter 2017 fiction issue, reader-voted).

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