Lizzy Baby – a novella

Lizzy Baby has received a five-star review from Readers’ Favorite.

“A somber coming-of-age novella…a gripping story that made my blood run cold in one chapter and made my blood boil in the next.” –5 stars, Trix Lee, Readers’ Favorite

“…an authentic look at the active childhood of a shy ten-year-old girl… [whose] parents have unwittingly allowed an abuser to gain their trust. …Lizzie, more perceptive than her parents, learns to trust her own voice. Her insurrection is both believable and triumphant.”
–C.R. Hurst, author of the Jane Digby’s Diary series

“Well written with a sense of dread building underneath, Lizzy Baby tells the tale of young Liz, teetering on the precipice of early womanhood, accelerated by the harsh facts of a religious, rural farm life. Hard lessons in this one, but all too real. Recommended.”
–D.W. Whitlock


Published by sarahb47

Sarah Blanchard writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry from her home in western North Carolina.

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