the mortar between the stones

Shoring up the walls

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Lizzy Baby – a novella

Lizzy Baby has received a five-star review from Readers’ Favorite. “A somber coming-of-age novella…a gripping story that made my blood run cold in one chapter and made my blood boil in the next. The eponymous character, Liz, is easy to sympathize with [and] the narrative build-up was perfect. … I truly wanted to reach insideContinue reading “Lizzy Baby – a novella”


She leaves the ice cream shop early and drives to the school at the designated time, with her white shirt and black jeans still reeking of sugar and cream. Picking up their son isn’t usually her job, but right now all the jobs are hers. She speeds, just a little, on the empty straightaway pastContinue reading “Fathering”

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