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Shoring up the walls

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Avoiding Failures?

Visiting a western North Carolina shooting range to learn safe gun-handling with my new Smith & Wesson semi-automatic prompted me to write a commentary on gun ownership, the NRA’s instruction programs, and local gun culture. This non-fiction essay, “Avoiding Failure,” appeared recently in Causeway Lit, the online journal published by graduate students of the FairfieldContinue reading “Avoiding Failures?”

Published in Winter 2021 issue of Sixfold: “Playing Chess with Bulls”

Very excited! My latest short story, “Playing Chess with Bulls,” was selected as one of five finalists for the 2021 Doris Betts Fiction Prize, which honors the late novelist and short story writer Doris Betts. The contest, which drew 126 entries, is sponsored by the North Carolina Writers’ Network, the state’s oldest and largest literary artsContinue reading “Published in Winter 2021 issue of Sixfold: “Playing Chess with Bulls””

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